Thu, November 23, 2023
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10:00am [10:00am] Souvik Dhara, Purdue University 

Probability and Statistics Seminar

Thursday, 23  November  2023, 10:00 am


Venue: Ramanujan hall

Host: Ayan Bhattacharya

Speaker: Souvik Dhara

Affiliation: Purdue University 

Title: Community Detection with Censoring

Abstract: Recovering latent communities is a key unsupervised learning task in network data with applications spanning across a multitude of disciplines. For example, identifying communities in web pages can lead to faster searches, classifying regions of the human brain in communities can be used to predict the onset of psychosis, and identifying communities of assets can help investors manage risk by investing in different communities of assets. However, the scale of these massive networks has become so large that it is often impossible to work with the entire network data. In this talk, I will talk about some theoretical progress for community detection in a probabilistic setup especially when we have missing data about the network. Based on joint works with Julia Gaudio, Elchanan Mossel, and Colin Sandon.

3:00pm [3:00pm] Chandan Biswas, IIT Bombay

Analysis and PDE seminar

Thursday 23rd Nov. 3 pm - 4 pm


Venue: Ramanujan Hall

Host: Chandan Biswas

Speaker: Chandan Biswas
Affiliation: IIT Bombay

Title:  A basic introduction to Fourier restriction estimate.
Abstract: We will finish our discussion on restriction onto the moment curve.