Fri, February 9, 2024
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11:00am [11:30am] Priyanka Magar, IIT Bombay

Topology and Related Topics seminar


Friday, 9 Feb, 11.30-12.30




Venue: Room 215


Host: Rekha Santhanam




Speaker: Priyanka Magar


Affiliation: IIT Bombay




Title: Classifying Spaces of Categories


Abstract: The classifying space $BC$ of a category $C$ is a way to turn a category into a topological space. If the category is equipped with additional structure, the associated classifying space reflects this structure. We discuss this mainly for a topological category.

4:00pm [4:00pm] Debraj Chakrabarti, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Analysis seminar


Friday, Feb 9, 4 pm – 5 pm




Venue: Ramanujan Hall


Host: Chandan Biswas


Speaker: Debraj Chakrabarti


Affiliation: Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI


Title: Projection operators on Bergman spaces of Reinhardt domains.


Abstract: It is a famous result of M. Riesz that the Szegö projection operator, initially defined as the orthogonal projection from the space of square integrable functions on the circle to the Hardy space of the disc extends continuously as a projection operator from onto. There is a long history of similar results in the setting of Bergman spaces, and a long list of domains where an analogous statement does not hold in the Bergman setting. We try to understand the geometric distinction between the Hardy and the Bergman situations on Lebesgue spaces, and propose a new projection operator on Reinhardt domains which is expected to have better mapping properties. We verify that the new operator satisfies Lebsegue space estimates in some situations where the Bergman projection operator does not satisfy such estimates. This is joint work with Luke Edholm of the University of Vienna.

[4:00pm] Dibyendu Biswas, IIT Bombay

Algebraic Groups Seminar

Friday, February 9, 4-5:15 PM


Venue: Room No. 105, Department of Mathematics

Host: Dipendra Prasad


Speaker: Dibyendu Biswas

Affiliation: IIT Bombay


Title: Regular elements in semi-simple algebraic groups


Abstract: We will discuss the paper by Robert Steinberg, Regular elements

of semi-simple algebraic groups Publications mathématiques de l'I.H.É.S.,

tome 25 (1965

), p. 49-80.