Modelling Week & Study Group Meeting on Industrial Problems

In order to expose young researchers to real life open ended problems from industry, it is planned to have at least one Study Group Meeting on Industrial problems every year. It may be on line of the study group meetings organized by IMG from time to time in collaboration with NIT Calicut. Such meetings provide many interesting research problems and give a first-hand experience to participants on problems from industry. Additionally, the interaction with participating industries in our country brings new opportunities in terms of jobs and long-term project associations. In order to make it more effective for the student participants, it is proposed to have a Modelling Week just before Study Group Meeting.


  1. To provide a platform for direct interaction between academia and industry.
  2. To  assimilate new mathematical strategy for solving real life problems.
  3. To give exposure to research scholars and young faculty members to study industrial problems requiring mathematical solutions..

Work Plan:

Scientists, Engineers, Economists, Managers, Financial Analysts and other user community will be invited to present their technical problems. It will be the endeavor of the participants to provide useful directions toward viable solutions for problems through intense sessions of brainstorming. There will be emphasis on

  1. Generating ideas which will eventually lead to a tangible methodology for problem solving as a short term objective.
  2. Evolving long term interaction between academic and industry with respect to research & development perspective.
  3. Developing a netwrok of mathematicians and computational scientists dealing with industrial problems.