Advanced Thematic Program

During 2011-2012,  IMG  in IIT Bombay  will host a year-long programme on New Trends in Partial Differential Equations which includes both theoretical and computational advances.

Research  Activities for the year 2011-12:

  1. Numerical solutions of  wave propagation  with applications to propagating  fronts in a moving fluid, sonic boom signature for maneuvering  aerofoil and  elastic waves in structural health monitoring
  2. Computing Fluid flows with applications to fluid structure interactions
  3. Deterministic and Stochastic Optimal Control  
  4. Homogenization and Multi-scale Modelling with  Applications to Network Flows & Biological Structures 
  5. Computational Studies of Complex Systems with applications to  flow through porous media, PDE techniques in image processing  and  viscoelastic  problems.  
  6. Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Evolutionary  Problems 
  7. Theory and Computation of Option Derivatives.


Educational and Awareness programme:

General lectures on Partial Differential Equations, Modelling and Scientific Computing.

One week long Workshop / Seminars and Colloquium: Weakly seminars:

During this year, we expect to have visitors from India and abroad (see the list below) so we plan to arrange one seminar every week.

Workshop & Symposium:

  1. Advances in Hyperbolic  PDEs.
  2. Advances in Finite Element Methods: Adaptive methods and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods. (Indo-German workshop)
  3. Multiscale Analysis and Homogenization.
  4. Advances in Control and Optimizations.
  5. Advances in Quantitative Finance : Computation of Option Derivative Pricing.
  6. Indo-UK symposium on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  7. Advances in Inverse Problems

One week long Workshop/ Symposia:

One-Week Programs on Advanced Topics This will comprise of 5 to 6    programs per year on topics related different research areas in Differential Equations, each of one week duration.   This thematic activity is proposed to be a continuation of the advanced Level Training Programme. These  programmes may include  symposia, conferences or group meetings on frontier research areas. 


  1. To enrich the ongoing research activities in the proposed areas in different institutes and universities of our country.
  2. To initiate new collaboration projects among Indian institutions.
  3. To promote research interaction among participating national and international institutions.