About the Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at IIT Bombay, established in 1958, is one of the premier places in the country, providing world-class postgraduate education, pursuing research in diverse areas of pure and applied mathematics.

From its inception to the present, the Department of Mathematics has evolved and grown in several directions. In the last five years, this change has been particularly striking in terms of faculty recruitment, research output and the diversity of research pursued. To consolidate and sustain these achievements and to enable continued future growth we outline the Department’s goals and the challenges it faces.

Continuing with its tradition, the Department has further augmented its basic research, focusing in contemporary areas of fundamental, developmental and strategic importance, applied and interdisciplinary research and productive collaboration with industries and reputed R & D departments. The collaborating R & D institutions/organizations include: TIFR, IISc, ISI, ONGC, Institute of Mathematical Sciences and foreign universities like Brunei University (U.K), Florida Technical University (USA), Colorado School of Mines (US), Humboldt University (Germany), CNRS-IML, Marseille (France), INSA, Toulouse (France), Univ. St-Etienne (France), l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France), Vilnius University, Lithuania, Emory University, US, French Naval Academy, Universität Bielefeld, Germany, University of Twente, Netherlands and nodal organizations such as CSIR, DAE, DBT, DST, for scientific exchange of ideas of national importance.

The current Head of the Department is Prof. U. K. Anandavardhanan.


  • To attract and retain academics of a high calibre on the Department’s faculty.
  • To seek out promising post-doctoral fellows and to attract eminent researchers as long-term visitors to the Department.
  • To attract motivated and talented students to the master’s and doctoral programmes of the Department.
  • To provide the best possible facilities for our faculty and students, particularly in the areas of computer facilities, library facilities and administrative support.