M.Sc Mathematics

The department offers a two-year M.Sc. Mathematics programme. The program allows you to choose from a variety of elective courses together with the compulsory ones. Performance of students each semester is continuously assessed through regular quizzes, class tests, and mid- and end-semester examinations. In addition to the usual course work also involves pursuing an optional one-year research project during the second year. Depending on the area of mathematics that interests you most, you can choose your supervisor for your optional research project.

The curriculum can be found here.

Admissions to the MSc program are made through the Joint Admission Test for M.Sc.(JAM), conducted across the country every year. For more details on JAM, please visit https://jam.iitg.ac.in/. Eligibility requirement (ER) for admission to IIT Bombay Master's programs can be found here:https://jam.iitg.ac.in/eligibility-requirements-for-admission.html. Minimum Educational Qualifications can be found here:https://jam.iitg.ac.in/minimum-educational-qualifications.html

JAM 2023

Entry to the Ph.D. programme for M.Sc. students in the Mathematics Department

Students in the M.Sc. programmes (Mathematics and ASI) in the IIT Bombay Mathematics department will be allowed entry into the PhD programme if they meet the following requirements.

(i) The student must have a CPI of 7.5 at the end of third semester.

(ii) The student must have no course backlogs.

(iii) The student must pass the Ph.D. entrance examination and interview conducted in December.