B.S. in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest fields of human inquiry and integral to our culture and heritage. Its grand questions have been motivated as much by our fascination with its inherent beauty and complexity as by the practical considerations of architecture, science, and technology. In the modern world, mathematics thrives in its central role as the language of traditional science, while reaching further into the realms of engineering, finance, and social sciences.

The B.S. in Mathematics at IIT Bombay is designed to build a strong foundation in the initial semesters, while encouraging students to pursue more targeted interests in the second half of the programme through advanced elective courses within the Department of Mathematics. The curriculum also includes basic science courses and incorporates elective courses from the science, engineering, and humanities disciplines, allowing for considerable flexibility and academic freedom. The entrance to this programme is through JEE (Advanced).

Students are required to complete basic courses in algebra, combinatorics, calculus and analysis, differential equations, and probability. More advanced courses in these subjects, as well as in geometry, topology, number theory, numerical analysis, statistics, and theoretical computer science will be on offer. Motivated students will benefit from the presence of active research groups in all of these areas. The Honours programme promotes deeper scholarship within mathematics while the Minor programme enables the pursuit of interests in other departments.

The curriculum can be found here

The B.S. in Mathematics is designed to equip its graduates with a wide range of mathematical skills and knowledge and provide exposure to science, engineering and other subjects. They will be well-placed to make significant contributions to academia, industry and other important institutions in our society.

Entry to BS programme is through any one of the following two modes:

(1) JEE (Advanced) as per institute norms.

(2) Students who have appeared for their Class 12 board examinations or any equivalent qualifying examinations in 2024 and have been on the INMO Qualified List for Junior or Senior Batch in 2024 or any previous year are eligible to apply. Up to 6 (six) such eligible students will be admitted to the B.S. Mathematics programme based on their performance in an entrance examination which will be conducted by the Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay.

Those satisfying the eligibility criteria should apply to take the entrance exam by sending an email to bsinmo@math.iitb.ac.in with a copy marked to office.math@iitb.ac.in with the subject "Application for the B.S. Mathematics Entrance Examination via INMO". A scanned copy of the INMO Award certificate and/or letter of invitation for the IMO training camp should be attached with the email. The last date to receive applications is May 14, 2024. Eligible candidates will be informed about the details of the entrance test by email and the list of eligible candidates will be posted on this website on May 15, 2024. If you have any queries please write to bsinmo@math.iitb.ac.in with a copy to office.math@iitb.ac.in

Candidates must make arrangements to be present in person on June 03 in the Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay. They are required to present the original INMO Award certificate and/or letter of invitation for the IMO training camp.

Accommodation for candidates can be arranged at the IIT Bombay campus (on a payment basis) if candidates include such a request in their email application to take the entrance exam.